Writers Unlimited

Ecommerce Websites


If you are planning on selling your work directly through your own website, although this is possible through a Bespoke Website on a small scale, an Ecommerce Website may be more suitable. This will provide you with all the options of a Bespoke Website and in addition a sales area, where customers can purchase your work. This will be linked through to your payment service, which will make the payment directly to you - we will not act as a middle man in the transcations. Your sales could be a mix of direct and linked sales, if you have some work for sale elsewhere and wish to include it in the sales area.


Moving to an Ecommerce Website could be suitable if:

  • You have a number of books etc. you wish to sell
  • You wish to sell access to your writing courses
  • You are a playwright and wish to sell both copies of your plays and performance rights licences
  • You are a small group of writers and wish to join forces to sell you books


We are happy to work with you to develop an Ecommerce Website for any of these and other options. Ecommerce Websites are based on design and setup cost of just £299, plus and ongoing annual maintenance & hosting fee of £149. No payment is requested until you are happy with the final design*. The annual management includes web domain re-registration when it becomes due.


The registering of your own domain would be undertaken just prior to your site going live. *Earlier registration could incur a small fee at that time, which would not be refundable if you decided not to go ahead with your website. The domain would remain registered and you could use it elsewhere if you so wished.



If you would like more information about setting up an Ecommerce Website please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.